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Property owners who want to request placement of bees, please submit a request here: Bee Placement Request

This page will have requests for bees from property owners.

IEBA members who are interested need to contact

Matt Liere or Chris Flanagan.

Posted 2/26/17:

I'm looking for a bee keeper to bring a hive into Bayview, Idaho where we don't have any wild bees to pollinate our trees, gardens, etc.

Posted 4/3/17:

We live near Fishtrap lake and have about 800 acres of CRP. We see in our FSA newsletter that there may be a program to add bee attraction to our CRP. We would be interested in this program, if you have someone in our area that wants to participate.

Posted 4/19/17: 

I was given your email address to post our address as wanting hives at our facility. We are CHS Inc. at 4507 W. Seltice Way, the fertilizer plant at the corner of Pleasant View and Seltice Way. We would love to have bee’s here. Last year we put in a raised garden but for the lack of bee’s had a problem getting things pollinated. Let me know if you are interested.

Posted 5/12/17:

Wanted: hive of bees at my place to pollinate my fruit trees. Located on South Hill near Havana/Freya. Contact Jerry Williams - (509) 270-0399

Posted: 5/18/17

We would like to please request a hive to be placed near our garden in Hangman Valley. We have a little over 1.5 acres with trees and plants, in addition to the garden. Thank you for your consideration. Contact Julie Graver

(425) 471-0748

Posted 6/20/17: We are opening an expedition school in CDA and would like to keep bees. I have a top bar hive and have a fenced off area in the grass on the north end of a building to place it. While there are grants available for bees/hives, I am not able to apply until September. It would be lovely if we could find someone willing to place a hive on our site until we are up and running. Sometime in the end of summer would be great, if possible. Contact Vanessa at 

Posted 9/06/17: I have a single family residence on the South Hill with 6 foot fencing all around the back yard. I have numerous bees in my garden enjoying the oregano, lavender and salvia and would like to host a bee box in the future. Can you advise if someone from IEBA visits prospective locations for suitability? Would we be waiting until next spring to start up?  Contact

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