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Requests from schools, educators and other groups for IEBA speakers/presenters. Contact here: Education/Speaker RequestIEBA members if you're interested, contact Matt Liere or Chris Flanagan  Let them know you're interested.  They will share the contact info if not posted.. 

Request Date 2/28/17: I would love to extend an invitation for the Beekeepers Assoc to participate at my events at No Cost providing there is an educational display about the bees and honey. I organize the Family Fun Fair held on May 6th in CDA and May 13th in Spokane (attendance is 25,000) and 4th Fridays at the Valley Mall.

Request Date 3/22/17: Hello. My name is Delia Breedlove and I am the VP of Program Development for the the SPACE Program at South Pines Elementary and also a parent of a kindergartner and second grader in the program.  SPACE - Student, Parent, Alternative , Classroom , Experience is a program that has high parent involvement and lots of hands on, interactive learning. One of the ways we enhance our curriculum is by taking field trips and having guest speakers. My son's kindergarten class is about ready to start a unit on pollination and we would love to take a field trip to learn why they are so important and see where our honey comes from. Or perhaps an in classroom presentation.

Posted 3/22/17:  Good morning, I hope this message finds you well. My name is Leslie Sanchez. I am a college student at Moreno Valley community college. I am organizing a small research study on the possible extinction of bees.From my research, I have learned that climate change, pesticide use, parasites, and other factors have affected the population of bees by a massive amount. I want to learn more about how pesticides can harm colonies of bees, and decrease fertility. Are there any other factors that are causing a decline? 

My plan was to go visit your non-profit organization, receive more knowledge about our world's Bees,

especially from individuals who actually work with bees, such as yourself, and collect data in order to present

to my colleagues and professors the information with goal's of spreading awareness of the dangerous possibility of our Bee's going extinct. I would like to Be more involved and aware of what bees do for the world, and how I can help keep our bees healthy and safe. I would like to volunteer if there's any way to. Thank you.

Posted 4/5/17:I run a Garden Club for K-4 students at Seth Woodard elementary in Spokane Valley. I wanted to see anyone would would be willing to come and talk with the kids. We do our class on Mondays from 3:30-4:30pm. Wendy Oneal.

Request Date 5/16/17:l  I work at PRIDE Prep Charter School and my students are doing an investigation on keystone species and how to bring awareness/save them. We introduced this project by discussing bees and how they are a major keystone species. We would love to have the bee association to come in and really go in depth on how bee colonies work and why they are so vital to our environment, our community and the world. Contact, if interested. 

Posted 6/7/17:Kelsey Mack is a youth services outreach specialist for the community library network in Hayden. I am working with a local summer camp this year that is planning to focus on gardening and nature and they have asked me if I might be able to arrange for a bee keeping specialist to come speak to the children and show them what real honeycomb looks like, etc. Interested parties please reach out to Kelsey Mack 661-904-4178.

Posted 6/7/17: Elise Fry helps run a summer camp for kids with disabilities through an agency called Tesh, in Coeur d'Alene. Looking for a beekeeper to come to a summer camp to give a presentation about bees and how honey is made.  Hoping to schedule a time in July or August. Camp located at Skyway Elementary, Monday-Thursday at 9:00-2:30.Contact 

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